What We Do

Where to start

Once you have decided on a project, your next step is to find out what is needed to achieve your desired out come, whether it is a new deck or a complete renovation, there are steps that need to be taken.

The first thing to do is call a reputable contractor to give you an estimate.

We offer free estimates and are happy to give you some advice on the best way to get the finished product you want.

Alan will be happy to make an appointment to visit you so you can explain exactly what it is you want,


After the site visit we will send you out a detailed estimate for you to review, we urge all our customers to read the estimate carefully, if it isn’t written in the estimate then it isn’t included, so this gives you a chance to makes sure that everything you wanted included is included and that way everyone is on the same page.

If there is something missing or you want any other changes made then we would be happy to do this.

If you are planning on having an addition, garage or house built then drawings will be required if you don’t have these then we can put in touch with an architect.


Once the estimate is agreed on and you would like us to complete your project then we ask that a 20% deposit is paid and we both sign a contract at this point we will allocate a time slot, although we try our hardest to stick to start date we give you, we do sometimes suffer delays by the weather or other delays on the previous job, as we don’t start a job if we can not stay and finish it, this way the customer is not left living in a half finished construction site.


Once the deposit is paid and contract signed, then we would apply for any permits required for the project and any special order items will be ordered to ensure they are available on time, sometimes a project will require an engineer to get involved this will also be done at this point, to ensure a smooth start .

Work commences

As work commences, we will have a portable toilet located on most jobs sites, this minimizes disturbance to the customer.

We try to our best to make it as easy as possible, but it is inevitable that there will be some mess, dust and noise, we do try to tidy up at the end of each day.

As the job gets underway and you have any questions then Alan will always be available to answer them.